Middle Eastern Culture: What is the difference between a Persian and an Arab?


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Whitney hO hO hO

Persians are from Iran. Arabs are from Saudi Arabia.

Free(Account #34)

I’m not going to bother getting specific, but they are differ by both race and culture.

The Nomad Think Tank

you have to be specific about what aspect you are talking about. I think Arabs generally live in tribal style and persians are different.


Arabs are people who are from Saudi Arabia and Persians are people from Iran.

Persians speak Farsi.
Arabs speak Arabic.

They both use the same alphabet, but Persians have 4 more letters in their alphabet.


Persian is an older term Persians had the largest and most powerful nation in the world for hundreds of years Arabs and persians are from similar descent arab is just a more modern term


To add to everyone’s answers, Arabs and Persians are racially different.
Arabs are Semetic.
Persians are Aryans.

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