Why are Middle-Eastern cultures?


in Ramadan


Why are Middle-Eastern people, especially Pakistanis, so infatuated with pale skin? I am considered really good looking among Pakistanis because I’ve really white skin–but I consider this kind of thinking as very logical and actually prefer light brown skin tone. I’ve seen many Indian and Arab commercials on YouTube that promote facial creams to whiten your skin. This contradicting preference of skin color is sickening to me. What are your opinions?
I meant to say illogical instead of logical in the above paragraph.
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dark women want to be whiter so they use these useless creams

white women want to be darker so they go to the beach and stay under the sun for few hours.

خديجة علي حسن

i know what you mean,just accept the way allah swt has created you.


good question i dont know why people arnt comfortable in there natural skin


i get a lot of people commented me on my fair skin, people ask if i’m turkish, but i think you should be grateful for what Allah has blessed you with, everyone is beautiful and people should appreciate that then to change themselves for the benefit of other people, but Allah knows best :)


Well in my opinion “pale skin” in Middle Eastern countries is rare..and therefore Middle Easterners find them beautiful..whereas in European countries they prefer darker tones because darker tones in Europe is rare..so people find different tones in different parts of the world fascinating

PLUS..I have also seen some European ads promoting creams to whiten the skin.. :)


People always want what they don’t have. If you are born with straight hair, chances are you will spend your whole life wishing you had curly hair. All the people I know with curly hair straighten their hair because they hate it.

Same as skin colour. People are fascinated with what they cannot have. Therefore, Middle Eastern people have facial creams to whiten their skin while Western people prefer to be as dark as possible. Depends what is considered ‘beautiful’ in each culture.

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