How do you think about religious tolerance in the middle eastern countries and culture?


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Isadora :

I answered a question before about refusing adding the religion part to the ID card as it opens a port for religious descrimination to open my mail later to find a violation report for this answer , tell me what do you think of this issue?

here was my reported answer ,
Hi Isadora,

The answer you gave on Yahoo! Answers was reported by the Answers community:

“I am against this , and Egypt is from the few countries that add the religion space to the ID card! ”

and here is a question asked about this issue in the Egypt category as I am Egyptian.

They report the questions and answers which preech for religious tolerance and accepting the others regardless their religion!

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What religious tolerance?


Religious tolerance…where? You’re kidding, right?

uk truth

theres no tolerence non muslims are persecuted on a day to do basis

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