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My school is having a culture festival in a few weeks and we split it up into different committees, and I’m in charge of the committee that makes the items to sell. We split up the crafts committee into the different “sections” of the world (North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, The Middle East).

I’m in charge of the Middle East. Soo..any ideas on crafts or something that I can set up to sell at the Middle Eastern table?
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Why are Middle-Eastern people, especially Pakistanis, so infatuated with pale skin? I am considered really good looking among Pakistanis because I’ve really white skin–but I consider this kind of thinking as very logical and actually prefer light brown skin tone. I’ve seen many Indian and Arab commercials on YouTube that promote facial creams to whiten your skin. This contradicting preference of skin color is sickening to me. What are your opinions?
I meant to say illogical instead of logical in the above paragraph.
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1. How did the Middle East get its name? Explain the bias behind the name.

2. Explain the metaphor of the Middle East as being a “hub” for Asia, Europe, and Africa.

3. What countries are included in the Middle East? Is there a definite answer?

4. How are cultures and religions different?

5. Who are the two main groups of Muslims?

6. What role does religion play in the Middle East?

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I’m a male and I am fascinated with the culture of the middle east and north africa. Are there any good dance styles from that region that are somewhat masculine and that you could perform by yourself in a resturaunt or club? We all know of belly dancing and I read somewhere that many men in those regions (especially Turkey) still belly dance. The problem is my mom doesn’t want me to be belly dancing so is there any style that is just as amazing and dazzling as belly dancing but performed by men. Also, if you have any links to sites that have information or show how to perform the dance style, please post them. Thank y’all so much. BTW, I’m already aware of the stick dance and whirling dervishes and those aren’t as fun to watch as a belly dancer. I also know about moroccan tray dancing, but I can’t find any information on it.

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The culture is similar to Persian, but the religion is more like Eastern Europe. What do you think?

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Are the Hamsa and the hand of Fatima the same symbol?
What do they symbolize in their cultures?


i keep seeing them on islamic clothing sites and i`m wondering what are they used for and why

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As a European, I feel America has the most revolting, vapid culture on Earth. I hate America and American values. I also hate American people. In Europe and definitely here in Scotland we actually laugh at the idea of America spreading its values of ‘freedom’ to the middle east, when in fact middle eastern culture is in every way shape and form superior to US culture. So my question: What cultures exist that are worse than America’s? Question.

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it seems like the middle eastern countries and their cultures are making trouble for everyone.
Do you think the world would be a better place without em, why or why not?

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The awakening is starting in the Middle East but the culture is still filled with dictators and empire building.
The conquering of huge parts of Africa is similar to the conquering of America by the Europeans.
Eventually, we will see, in my opinion, a Napoleon type figure in the Middle East who threatens the entire Middle East.
Of course, this figure will be stopped.
In fact, maybe that figure or entity is Al Qaeda, and of course they will be stopped.

I don’t know how the Middle Eastern War will go though, like WWI, if comparable, it will drag many nations into the fight and millions will die through indiscriminate slaughter.
In fact, because of modern technology, I believe the Middle East can somewhat SKIP the enlightenment phase. We have now arrived where Al Qaeda is trying to force the Middle East together like Napoleon did.

Eventually, we will get to the WWI phase though, and, I don’t know what will happen there.

Why middle-Eastern cultures regardless of religion marry their first cousins?

CaptainAlbania : We the Albanians do not practice this what-so-ever. Even along the muslim Albanians this is taboo. But it is widespread among the middle- East culutres. I’m not sure about the jews but I know for sure it widespread practice among the Christian and Islam peoples of the middleEast.

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How do you think about religious tolerance in the middle eastern countries and culture?

Isadora : I answered a question before about refusing adding the religion part to the ID card as it opens a port for religious descrimination to open my mail later to find a violation report for this answer , tell me what do you think of this issue?
here was my reported answer ,
Hi Isadora,
The answer [...]

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what are five examples of non-verbal communication that is unacceptable in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East?

eric m : What are five examples of non-verbal communication that is unacceptable in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Show examples of each and explain the reason of this difference and any alternatives that are more effective for that culture. You can use the Internet to research this assignment. Present your [...]

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It is true that the lebanese wo man are the best dress in the middle east?

Geneva P : I love fashion, and I was watching a fashion video on youtube..I love make up , and I was watching a video on youtube about the Lebanese culture ( which I like lots , I like learning about different cultures…) and on the video, they said that lebanese people are the best [...]

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